Writers Who Read #35

7 November 2021

Inside Story
by Martin Amis

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Inside Story – Martin Amis

  • Marketing: Dark Humor, Comedic Dramas & Plays, Biographical Fiction
  • Genre: Realistic Modern-Day Archplot Long-Form
  • Print Pages: 560
  • Word count: 196,401; Avg. wds/sent.: 14.31
  • Reading Level: Grade 9; Lexical Density: 48.77
  • Flesch Reading Ease: 67.12

  • POV: Martin; 1st & 3rd person

  • Publish date: October 27, 2020
  • Publisher: Knopf
  • Sold By: Penguin / Random House
  • Audio book narr.: Alex Jennings (23 hrs)

  • About Martin Amis      
  • Born: 1949; Educated: Oxford; Lives: Brooklyn

  • 15 Novels
  • 7 Story Collections
  • 2 Screenplays
  • 8 Non-fiction works

  • Kingsley/Martin - Father/Son writers very rare
  • (exception: Alexandre Dumas)

  • Amis on Art Novel vs. Life Novel
  • - DH Lawrence started writing about real people
    - Saul Bellow did it best?
  • "Life writing is an unsatisfying genre"
  • "Writing fiction in my definition is freedom; once you confine yourself to your own life, then there's a horrible restriction on your freedom."

"The novel is not a cri de coeur, but a mea culpa"
- Martin Amis

"Because novels come from long-marinated and unregarded anxiety, from silent anxiety..."
- Inside Story: I. Ethics and Morals

"The book in your hands calls itself a novel
– and it is a novel, I maintain."
             Martin Amis, Inside Story

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